Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1. Yeah, I know. Still just another ten things tuesday.

2. I think something's wrong with my sinuses. I just keep feeling a little off.

3. I really hate the negative connotation that the world has put against Pit Bulls. It's the owners, not the breed.

4. We got a new fireplace. It's gas and awesome.

5. New couch and rug too.

6. Dolly's not allowed on the new couch. She's not very happy about the arrangement.

7. I love how, the older you get, the easier it is to be friends with your sibling. My sister, and my brother-in-law, are two of my best friends.

8. I'm reading P.S. I love you. It's a lot different from the movie, but still good.

9. I figured out how to get the cd player at work to play my Ipod.

10. I want snow. It's january, and there hasn't been any real snow. I don't want to screw up the roads really, I just want a little bit of winter wonderland.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What else but Ten Things Tuesday

1. Seriously need to post something else. lol

2. I love using Facebook to keep in touch with friends, but I hate all those extra apps people use. "Farmville" "Mobsters" etc. Luckily I've managed to hide most of them. Otherwise, it'd take me a lot longer to read the news feed.

3. Did a photo shoot with my sister on Sunday. It was a blast.

4. The photo shoot took place at our old elementary school. Everything was so much smaller then I remembered.

5. Unfortunately, on a sad note, my grandpa (dad's dad) isn't going to live much longer. He's been sick for a while, and my uncle says it'll be a matter days.

6. I'm watching Criminal Minds. It's a very intense show.

7. I have seriously found the best nail polish. Sally Hanson Insta-Dry. In less then a minute you can knock your nails against anything and it won't smear or dent.

8. My sister left her Iphone at our house. It's tempting to fiddle with it, but I'd probably screw it up.

9. I'm glad I don't have the flu anymore.

10. My brother in law has a job interview tomorrow. Good luck Garrett!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I promise that i will soon make another post non-tuesday related.

2. I really hate being sick. It's just not fun.

3. It's also hard to think while you're sick. I'm supposed to come up with ten thoughts, but I'm having troubles.

4. I made a smoothie for breakfast today. It was actually really good. Our blender doesn't work well though.

5. I hate taking the dog out when it's pouring down rain. She takes so long and I get soaked.

6. I got new equipment to start exercising with; a balance ball and a medicine ball. It's actually kind of fun.

7. Because I'm sick I don't get to hold baby Connor, and that makes me sad.

8. There's nothing good on tv at 3 in the afternoon.

9. I haven't had starbucks since saturday because I haven't been out of the house. I want my grande 2 pump peppermint 2 pump white chocolate mocha.

10. This has been a mostly mopey/sorry for myself post, so I'll close with the fact that Dolly is so cute when she sleeps under the covers. She's the only dog I've ever had that does that, and it's adorable.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday of my very own.

In order to motivate myself to update this blog with any regularity I am taking a page out of my sister's book and starting "ten things tuesday," the post where you post ten thoughts that pass through your brain on tuesdays. Here goes.

1. It's really difficult to type while bouncing. My nephew Connor is asleep on my bed and I'm trying to keep him that way. He's very tired and I know he'll benefit from a long nap.

2. I just had to edit thought #1 because I wrote "bounce while bouncing" instead of "type while bouncing." I have problems.

3. I really want to start exercising more, but it's so hard to get motivated when you have asthma.

4. I'm so proud of my dog Dolly. I took her to the dog park for the first time in many months. She had been having aggression problems since July, but I've been working very hard to correct this and am happy to say I've been successful. She gets to have doggy friends.

5. I love watching cheesy entertainment television. E! network really is my guilty pleasure. But hey, it keeps me current with Hollywood. lol.

6. Connor just woke up. Luckily he seems happy.

7. I'm going to make sure to start writing more, both here and in my book. My New Years resolution is to write 3 pages a week.

8. My sister got a new camera (nikon D3000 if memory serves) with christmas money. We're going to do a photo shoot this weekend.

9. Dolly's such a good girl with her human cousin. I've had Connor down here since 8:00 and it's now almost 10:30 and she hasn't moved from where she's laying at the foot of the bed the entire time.

10. This took me a bit longer then I thought. I understand why my sister doesn't get as much done as she'd always like.